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Our contract with OHSU provides for a Labor Management Committee (LMC), made up of HOU members and OHSU administration to regularly discuss mutually agreeable solutions to problems faced by by hous

At our last general membership meeting, we passed a resolution to get our dues money working for members.

We remain at the bargaining table with OHSU regarding our 2023-2024 salaries.

Our bargaining team has been hard at work to get all of our major bargaining proposals out on the table so we can begin to really negotiate with management over what will be in our first union contract.

Work Area(s) Cluster
Number of Constituents in Cluster
Bargaining Team Reps and Advisory Committee
Medicine + Fellows
Bargaining Team
Jessica Haraga
Simone Dekker
Anish Desai (alternate)
Advisory Team
Julie Byler
Pranav Cha
What does signing a membership card mean?
Signing a membership card means that you support the efforts of the OHSU House Officers Union and that after we’ve negotiated and ratified our contract, you’ll be a dues-paying member for at least one year (minimum commitment) and hopefully for the rest of your time as a house officer at OHSU.
How much are union dues and when do we st
Chief medical officer says OHSU looks forward to continued collaboration with the House Officer's Association
SALEM — Events took a strange turn this summer when a union representing about 7,000 workers at Oregon Health and Science University was trying to renew its contract.

Yale Medical Residents And Fellows Draft 'Bill of Rights' To Improve Training Programs


Senior physicians at Yale New Haven Hospital were in the middle of presentations during a recent meeting of the graduate medical education committee when a group of interns, residents and fellows interrupted.

At the front of the room, they unfurled a banner painted with the words “Doctors Are Humans Too.”

We garnered some attention from the Labor Press and OPB!