Bargaining Update 9.25.20

Dear Colleagues,

Last night, after a two week delay that they requested, OHSU delivered a counter-proposal on outstanding items. We had hoped that with the extra time and OHSU's better than expected financials, they would move the process forward in a substantial and meaningful way.

Unfortunately, they did not.

OHSU's proposal continues to undervalue residents and fellows at our institution. While we continue to provide excellent patient care in unprecedented times, OHSU's stark lack of movement at the bargaining table continues to undermine the legitimacy and thoughtfulness of our economic proposals and of our union itself. We are working hard to break down barriers for all residents, including underrepresented minorities and women. While OHSU's mission seems to align with this goal, their financial support does not.

OHSU offered two financial proposals. The first made no change from their previous offer except an additional $300 stipend for incoming internsThe second offered a modest increase in salary (3.25% in year 1, 3.6% in year 2, and 4% in year 3) in the absence of everything else we had proposed. See below signature line for details on the two packages they offered.

OHSU also counter-proposed on language around how to resolve employment disputes and the addition of language that would allow residents and fellows to be terminated for racism. We are working on understanding the implications of this language with our lawyer and hope to collaborate with BERG (plan to reach out next week) to make sure our contract reflects what is right for OHSU and for us.

Frustratingly, OHSU continues to justify their counterproposals with references to information that we have been requesting to examine since the beginning of bargaining. It is unfortunate that they have not shared this information with us and makes us question OHSU's good faith efforts at the bargaining table.

The facts are clear:

Now is the time to stand in solidarity with our bargaining team and each other. OHSU know that we will not stop until the job is done.

Save the date for our next bargaining session, 10/08/20, when we will counter propose with a data driven, compelling, and reasonable presentation. Let us know if you can observe the session in support of our bargaining team and our union by emailing [email protected].

If you have not already done so, sign up now to become a member of our union and help us fight for a better OHSU.

In Solidarity,

Your HOU Bargaining Team

OHSU’s Financial Package:

Salary: 2% per year for 3 years (no change from last proposal)

Housing Stipend: $1,000 per year (no change from last proposal)

Parking: keep current practice (no change from last proposal)

Meals: keep current practice (no change from last proposal)

Retirement: keep current practice (no change from last proposal)

Licensure and Equipment: keep current practice except for Step III exam fees (last proposal) and a one-time stipend of $300 for PGY1s for medical equipment

Fertility Preservation Benefit: keep current practice (no change from last proposal)

Wellness Stipend: keep current practice (no change from last proposal)

Attending Pay for Attending Work: keep current practice (no change from last proposal)

Workrooms: Discuss at Labor Management Meetings


Salary: 3.25%, 3.6%, 4%

No change to any other existing benefits