Contract Highlights

House Officers are Stronger Together

By coming together to form the  House Officers Union (HOU, also known as AFCSME Local 4820), residents at OHSU have been able to negotiate for significant gains in our first contract. We have big plans for the future, and together, we can make OHSU an even better place to work.

TopicBefore the UnionProtected in Our Contract
VacationVariable; as little as two weeks, depending on departmentFour weeks for everyone
Housing stipendNone$2,205 in academic year 2023-2024
Relocation reimbursementNone$1,000
RaisesGME decision, based historically on the median point of the ACGME pay scaleStable and predictable, at least 7% in academic year 2023-2024
Equipment/education materials reimbursementVarious department amounts, ranging from $0 to $4,000 annually$750 minimum in academic year 2024-2024, a $250 increase over the first year of the contract; no change to department amounts if higher
Health insuranceSame options as other OHSU employees, determined by Employee Benefits Council (EBC)No change to current benefits; one voting seat on the EBC
Discipline and dischargeAt-will employment, OHSU had full authorityProgressive discipline, no termination without just cause, transparent process for both academic and non-academic discipline
Workplace issuesVarious committeesAddition of Labor-Management Committee, transparent grievance process with union representation and binding arbitration
Voice at workHouse Officer Association made recommendations to management, with mixed resultsRegular Labor-Management Committee meeting, legally binding collective bargaining process

All of these improvments were made possible by House Officers standing together. You can help us continue to make OHSU a better place to practice medicine by joining our union today.