HOU Events Fund

In the interest of building solidarity and community among OHSU house staff, the House Officers Union has launched a fund to sponsor events organized by HOU members that will be attended primarily by residents, interns, and union-eligible fellows at OHSU. If you are hosting an event you'd like us to consider funding, please let us know!

Any events funded by HOU will be attended (at least briefly!) by a steward or Executive Board member, who will make union membership cards and other union information available to attendees.

Any HOU member in good standing may request funding for an event.  Applications will be reviewed and decided upon by a majority vote of the Executive Board, and afterward the event organizer must furnish receipts for expenses from the event which will be reimbursed up to an amount pre-approved by the Board. 

Please note that by law, we cannot provide funds for the purchase alcoholic beverages.

If you'd like to apply for funding for your event, please fill out an application form!