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AFSCME Union Membership/Dues Authorization & Authorization of Representation Dual Card 


Q: What is an Authorization of Representation Card?

A:  Authorization of Representation cards are used to show the Employee Relations Board (ERB) we want to form a Union.  When a majority of our colleagues sign authorization cards, we will submit them to the ERB (OHSU does not see them) and the process to legally certify our Union begins.  

Q:  Is this different from a Union Membership Card/Dues Authorization Card

A:  Yes they are different.  The Authorization of Representation card is for The ERB.  Union Membership/Dues Authorization Cards are just that - it’s a commitment to joining and building our Union.

Q:  Will I have to pay dues after I sign the Union Membership/Dues Authorization Card?

A:  No. We don’t pay dues until we negotiate a contract and we, the members, vote to accept (ratify) that contract.

Q:  Why sign both cards now?  

A:  Signing both cards will now put us in a position to bargain for a strong contract and build our Union as soon as we are certified by the Employee Relations Board.  

Q:  Can I just sign the Authorization of Representation Card?

A:  Put simply, yes.  But we don’t just want to form a union. We want to build a strong organization, and to do that we all need to be dues-paying members after we win our first contract.  You do not pay dues until the contract is voted for, and a contract should do more than just offset dues. 

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