Why We Organized


OHSU House Officers Union advocates for residents and fellow physicians as we provide safe, high-quality care to patients throughout Oregon. Our union insists that OHSU invests in its house staff in ways that materially improve our livelihood, our health, and our ability to provide excellent patient care.


A true voice: We need an equal seat at the decision-making table to elevate our perspectives and leverage our expertise and passion as frontline healthcare professionals.

Improve patient care: We advocate for changes that will improve the care delivered at OHSU. Many departments depend on residents’ services. We need increased patient safety through adequate coverage for resident personal, sick, or wellness leave.

Benefits: Our benefits lagged behind those provided by peer institutions on the West Coast. By organizing, we've been able to negotiate for many improvements to our benefits, including:

  • A housing stipend in one of the country’s most competitive markets
  • Compensation for licensing, boards testing, travel to conferences
  • An educational material stipend
  • A relocation stipend
  • Four weeks of vacation for every House Officer

Recruitment: Competitive applicants are looking for the benefits in morale, compensation and leadership that come from a clear, independent advocate and a strong bargaining position. Having a union has helped make us competitive with peer institutions.

Your colleagues, residents and fellows in all disciplines, are working to make this a reality. Please join us!