The HOA will advocate for and voice the views, needs and concerns of it’s members on training and patient care matters to the Graduate Medical Education (GME) program of OHSU and the OHSU Hospital.

HOA subcommittees will continue improvement efforts through the year by focusing on developing a proposal describing the current system or state of affairs, developing solutions and means of implementation.  Examples: Workspaces, Nutrition, Education, Benefits, and Survey.

OHSU House Officers UNION

The OHSU House Officers Union advocates for residents and fellow physicians as we provide safe, high-quality care to patients throughout Oregon. Our union will insist that OHSU invests in its house staff in ways that materially improve our livelihood, our health, and our ability to provide excellent patient care.

Since there is a movement towards unionizing, the vision is the HOA would work with the Union in synergy to advocate for needs together and not in competition.   The HOA has a history of advocating for the needs of house staff but we want to collectively bargain when it comes to voice in funding our ideas

When the Graduate Researchers organized, they worked collaboratively with the Graduate Researchers Association.  Many of the leaders from the association got active in bargaining because they understood the ins/outs of OHSU on a deeper level.

Just like we consult in our profession, we’ve chosen to consult with AFSCME to form a union.