Bargaining Update 10/27--WAGE PROPOSAL!

In this last meeting we officially entered the hot topic of Wages!!! Our goal would be ~$84K for a starting PGY1 salary, based on overall inflation, historical precedent, region specific COL, Oregon minimum wage, and a competitive offer in line with our West Coast neighbors.

On a side note, we continue awaiting responses from OHSU on certain pending matters that include moonlighting, holiday specifics, time away from work, etc.

Highlights of our proposal:

  • We proposed yearly wages, including a 12% increase for the 2024-2025 academic year followed by 5% annual increases for the two following academic years.

  • Our proposals also included a $10K housing stipend similar to the UC system effective on ratification,  with retroactive compensation for the 2023-2024 academic year, and continuing into the  2024-2025 academic year. Subsequent academic years would include annual increases in this housing stipend.

Additional bonuses and benefits in our proposals include:

  • Meal allowance (as mentioned in prior updates) $350 credit/month for all House Officers with rollover to $700 maximum

  • Annual $2K (increase from $750) CME stipend paid annually at the start of the academic year instead of the current reimbursement practice.

  • One-time relocation assistance increased to $2K

  • Bilingual $1K bonus for those who complete the Employer’s language examination

  • Unscheduled shift hardship bonus or additional day off with pay

  • Chief fellow/resident yearly stipend minimum

  • Independent practice bonus compensated at the same rate as internal moonlighting

  • Child care reimbursement

  • March Wellness Fitness Center no-cost membershipReimbursement for an OMB unlimited license up to the equivalent cost of an OMB limited license

  • Petty cash fund for a set $ amount per house officer, provided to programs and may be spent on work-related expenses at the request of a simple majority of house officers

Management proposal highlights:

  • Proposed 20 weekday and 8 weekend vacation days for a total of 28 vacation days to ideally allow house officers an uninterrupted Saturday to the following Sunday vacation week.

  • Management's counter did not include vacation cash out from the initial HOU proposal. They voiced concern that “providing a cash alternative would encourage people to not take their time away” and this would impact their “well-being.”  We were skeptical of this argument, but are still working to formulate a response.

  • Management also responded affirmatively to our proposal to give House Officers a process for changing the system for how holidays are apportioned in their programs, if they wish to do so. We are still hammering out some details on the specific language but are encouraged by the progress we’ve made in this area.

To be continued…. As always, presence of additional HOU members at Bargaining meetings is highly encouraged. In-person or web-ex options available. Bargaining occurs Thursday nights starting at 5pm. Please let us know if you’d like to attend a session!

If you are not currently a member, please join today!  We are only able to advocate on behalf of OHSU House Officers with your support!