News and Updates

Our contract with OHSU provides for a Labor Management Committee (LMC), made up of HOU members and OHSU administration to regularly discuss mutually agreeable solutions to problems faced by by hous

As negotiated in our recent agreement over the pay rates for academic year 2023-2024, we’ll be re-opening the full collective bargaining agreement for renegotiation no later than the end of J

A quick update on our recent disussions with management regarding moonlighting:

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past eight months, we've used a variety of techniques to show OHSU what is important to us, and why. Last night, we did it again, but this time we brought friends. In addition to our dedicated resident observers, Multnomah County Commissioner Sharon Meieran, M.D., and State Representatives Maxine Dexter, M.D., and Sheri Schouten, R.N., joined our negotiations last night and provided encouragement in our efforts to help OHSU stay competitive with other west coast academic institutions and improve the health and wellbeing of house officers.

OHSU is now taking applications for Child Care Financial Support.  We wanted to make sure you were aware of this opportunity and the other Child Care Resources which OHSU has recently made available.

Dear Colleagues,

Last night, after a two week delay that they requested, OHSU delivered a counter-proposal on outstanding items. We had hoped that with the extra time and OHSU's better than expected financials, they would move the process forward in a substantial and meaningful way.

Unfortunately, they did not.

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to receive OHSU's response to our economic proposals next Thursday, August 13th. As we continue in this process, we'd like to ensure that our decisions at the bargaining table reflect the priorities of our 900 member-constituents.

Please take this brief summary ( to help us prioritize our remaining proposals for our union contract and as always, let us know if you'd like to attend our next virtual bargaining session!

In Solidarity,


We hope you've been able to schedule your fourth week of vacation and that the academic year is off to a great start.

Congratulations! Your bargaining team is happy to announce our first (tentative until we all vote on the final contract) major contract provisions! We reached agreement today with OHSU on a package proposal that includes the following:

·     4 weeks of vacation for all residents starting in 2020

·     Maintains 3 weeks of Paid Parental Leave

·     Allows a back-dated date of hire for residents in their second year whose preliminary year is not offered at OHSU, so they are not without protected leave for an extra year