News and Updates

Our contract with OHSU provides for a Labor Management Committee (LMC), made up of HOU members and OHSU administration to regularly discuss mutually agreeable solutions to problems faced by by hous

In this last meeting we officially entered the hot topic of Wages!!!

We continue to have weekly collaborative sessions with management to update our contract. Next week, we transition to WAGES and will start proposing for our pay increase!

Our first contract with OHSU is finally signed! You can access the full document here. If you just want the highlights, you can find them here!

Dear Colleagues,

We're happy to announce that after almost 10 months of difficult negotiations, we have reached an agreement on our first union contract for OHSU house officers!

We made major gains in almost all of the categories we identified as a priority for a first contract: four weeks of vacation paid licensure and step III fees, and the introduction of a housing stipend for everyone and relocation stipend for future interns.

Dear Colleagues,

We are making progress in mediation! Our latest proposal puts us in second quartile of our west coast comparators as estimated using the data provided by the hospital.

Dear Colleagues,

Negotiating our contract during Covid-19 has been rough. As Oregon's cases surge and our frontline staff face repeated exposures, testing, and quarantine, we are all feeling the stress of the season and the year.

Dear Colleagues,

We are disheartened to hear about recent COVID exposures amongst OHSU staff; we are thinking about those in quarantine, those on the frontlines of this COVID pandemic, and our patients struggling with COVID at record numbers. We are particularly alarmed about the recent COVID outbreak amongst employees because of the continued overcrowding of our workspaces.

Great news! We have settled our Unfair Labor Practice charge with OHSU and have won the following for residents who qualify for the settlement: