News and Updates

Our contract with OHSU provides for a Labor Management Committee (LMC), made up of HOU members and OHSU administration to regularly discuss mutually agreeable solutions to problems faced by by hous

In this last meeting we officially entered the hot topic of Wages!!!

We continue to have weekly collaborative sessions with management to update our contract. Next week, we transition to WAGES and will start proposing for our pay increase!

A quick update on our recent disussions with management regarding moonlighting:

OHSU management has confirmed that, as of now, all OHSU programs that offer moonlighting opportunities are paying residents at the same rate as similarly qualified faculty.  Further, we have udpated our agreement with management to include new language that ensures this continues to be the case going forward. 

The agreement has been updated as follows: “House Officers will be paid the same rate as similarly qualified faculty for moonlighting shifts”

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve reached an agreement with OHSU regarding a pay increase for the 2023-2024 academic year.  We did not get everything we wanted, but we believe this agreement represents a significant improvement over management’s original offer of a 5% increase and nothing else

At our last general membership meeting, we passed a resolution to get our dues money working for members.

The first is a hardship fund. This fund was set up to provide small cash disbursement to members who encounter unexpected financial difficulties. To learn more about this fund and how you can apply, click here.

We remain at the bargaining table with OHSU regarding our 2023-2024 salaries. Their latest offer is a 7% salary increase, plus a $250 “lump sum” to be paid at the conclusion of the 2023-2024 academic year. Compared to their last offer, this is an increase of just 0.4% for a PGY1. We know this is not what our members deserve, particularly those with children or who support other family members, and we are working on HOU’s counteroffer.

We're excited to announce that we've just signed a new Letter of Agreement (LOA) with OHSU Administration regarding moonlighting.  Formerly, moonlighting in inpatient settings was restricted in our contract due to medicare regulations. Those regulations have changed, and the new LOA has ammended our contract accordingly to allow for increased moonlighting opportunites for our members. Many of us are financially stressed and welcome the opportunity to perform this work and earn some extra money.


  • Please share your stories about living in Portland on an OHSU salary

  • Send your stories to your union secretary, Aly Dubrovsky (Psychiatry) at [email protected]

  • Let us know whether we may include your name (anonymous is okay too!), and whether your story may be shared at the bargaining table and/or with the general public

Your HOU bargaining team met yesterday evening with OHSU HR, GME, and their outside counsel to begin the discussion about our 2023-2024 salaries. This negotiation is limited in scope to salaries for a single academic year, with a broader contract renegotiation to follow next year.

On January 4th, 2023, a delegation of HOU members will be meeting OHSU’s administration to negotiate a pay increase for the 2023-2024 academic year. This will be the third and final year of our first collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with OHSU, and the CBA does not specify what the raise for this year will be.