Welcome new House Officers!

Welcome to all the new interns, residents, and fellows who started at OHSU this week!  We hope you'll join us!

What did we win in our first contract?

  • An added week of vacation (4 weeks total)
  • Housing stipend ($2,205 this year)
  • Relocation reimbursement ($1,000)
  • Equiptment/materials reimbursement ($750 this year)
  • Step 3 reimbursement
  • Stable, predictable pay increases A transparent process for dispute resolutions, and more!

What have we done since then?

  • Negotiated a 7% pay increase for AY 2023-2024
  • Guaranteed all residents receive pagers or OHSU-provided phones
  • Worked with management to create the Lyft Campus Connector program
  • Guaranteed moonlighting pay parity with faculty
  • A hardship fund, debt forgiveness seminars, and more!

What's next?

Starting in July, we'll be negotiating a new contract with OHSU! We're aiming to make this an even better place for residents to practice medicine, with ambitious pay increases and other improvements. Our power comes from our members, so please join today, and be on the lookout for our bargaining survey and other ways to get involved!