New Agreement on Moonlighting

We're excited to announce that we've just signed a new Letter of Agreement (LOA) with OHSU Administration regarding moonlighting.  Formerly, moonlighting in inpatient settings was restricted in our contract due to medicare regulations. Those regulations have changed, and the new LOA has ammended our contract accordingly to allow for increased moonlighting opportunites for our members. Many of us are financially stressed and welcome the opportunity to perform this work and earn some extra money.

However, with more opportunities for moonlighting came concerns about pay equity. Specifically, our team had concerns that our members might be paid a lesser amount for their services than other physicians with the same qualifications performing the same work. Indeed, incidents of this were reported to us during the process of negotations. As such, our team insisted that OHSU institute a policy specifying that our members will receive the same pay for moonlighting as outside physicians with the same qualifications--there will be no "resident discount." The new LOA requires management to meet with us monthly to discuss the creation and implementation of the pay equity policy. 

We see this as a win-win for our members and the hospital. Stay tuned for more updates about our negotiations around wages soon.