New Lyft Program Created!

TL/DR: Resident Pilot Program: Lyft + Tram = 24/7 transportation between Waterfront and Hill. Sign-up for Lyft Campus Connector here. This gives you access to subsidized Lyft rides between the Hill and Waterfront at all hours that the Tram isn’t running (up to $20 per ride) — weekdays 9pm-5am, Saturday until 9am and after 5pm, Sunday all day.

 Lyft Campus Connector


The Tram hours are not always aligned with continuous patient care between South Waterfront and Marquam Hill. 


The situation is exacerbated by the space-limited parking situation on both campuses. This results in undue burden for residents who need to travel back and forth during times when the tram is not running. This includes residents who need to get to the hospital for early morning rounds, seeing an unstable patient in the middle of the night (either on the Hill or at CHH2 ala Outpatient Care Unit), need to round on the weekends, etc. 


Tram hours do not meet needs of residents for a subset of hours.


The Labor Management Committee (a cooperative project between our union and OHSU management) and Transportation & Parking Office has created a pilot program for all resident physicians that affords subsidized rides to and from Marquam Hill and the South Waterfront when the tram is not operational (weekdays 9pm-5am, Saturday until 9am and after 5pm, Sunday all day). The pick-up and drop-off locations are geofenced but generous (see accompanying image). Sign up here.

Thanks to the LMC/T&P for making this service possible!