Union Win: Change in Step III Exam Reimbursement

We’re excited to announce a change in Step III reimbursement that will save all our members money.  Due to changes in NBME recommendations, OHSU has recently begun requiring submission of an official transcript to verify passing the Step III exam in order to provide reimbursement.  Because that transcript costs $75, we viewed this as an effective reduction in the reimbursement for this exam guaranteed by our contract. Your union brought this issue to management, and as a result of that conversation, OHSU will no longer be requiring proof of passing the  Step III exam in order to provide the reimbursement. Those who already paid for the transcripts will be reimbursed for those costs. The responsibility will still be on us to complete the exam within the required times to meet the timeline as set forth in USMLE policy, but proof of successful completion will no longer be required for reimbursement, thus saving our members $75.  Look for more information soon from OHSU about how to get reimbursed without paying for a transcript!