New Officers and Bargaining Team

Bargaining Team

The House Officers Union is excited to announce the membership of our bargaining team. Next month, bargaining will begin with the following members going to the table to represent HOU!

Doug Preston (Pathology)

Pranav Chandrashekar (Internal Medicine)

Teal Clocksin (Diagnostic Radiology)

Keiko Cooley (Urology)

Candice Kim (Anesthesiology)

Alex Mechler-Hickson (Pediatrics)

Jacqueline Parilla (Family Medicine)

Please join us in extending our gratitude to the team and everyone who volunteered.

Interim Officers

The bargaining team members aren’t the only folks who have stepped up to serve the union in recent days. Several of our elected officers will be completing their residencies and as such will need to resign their positions. Because this is not an election year for our union, the HOU constitution provides a mechanism for replacing these individuals by a vote of the existing executive board. To complete the second year of the current two-year term, please join us in welcoming:

President, Doug Preston (Pathology)

Vice President, Keiko Cooley (Urology)

At-Large Board Member, Xiao-Yue Han (Surgery)

Recording Secretary, Alex Mechler-Hickson (Pediatrics–former At-Large Board Member)

At-Large Board Member Bruce Gregoire (Internal Medicine)

Congratulations to the new officers!