Lyft Campus Connector Hours Expand 9/1

Over the last few months, several of you have reached out about a gap in OHSU’s Lyft Campus Connector program. While the program allows for free Lyft rides from the South Waterfront to Marquam Hill until 5am, the tram does not start running until around 5:30.  We heard you tell us that this gap, while relatively brief, meant that some of you were cutting your scarce sleep periods short in order to arrive at worksites on the hill on time (e.g at 5:30am).

We recently raised this issue with management. We were initially told that Lyft was unwilling to extend the program by half an hour. Because the tram starts running at 5:30, OHSU’s preference was to stick with the 5:00 time rather than extend the program for a full hour as Lyft would require. However, after further discussions, OHSU has agreed to extend the Campus Connector hours to 6am on a trial basis. Depending on usage, this extension may or may not become permanent.

This pilot program will begin on September 1. We hope this makes life easier for our members.