Four Weeks of Vacation!

Congratulations! Your bargaining team is happy to announce our first (tentative until we all vote on the final contract) major contract provisions! We reached agreement today with OHSU on a package proposal that includes the following:

·     4 weeks of vacation for all residents starting in 2020

·     Maintains 3 weeks of Paid Parental Leave

·     Allows a back-dated date of hire for residents in their second year whose preliminary year is not offered at OHSU, so they are not without protected leave for an extra year

·     A one-time $1,000.00 reimbursement for relocation expenses for house officers beginning on July 2021

·     A minimum amount of conference and book funds for each resident per year: $500 in 2020, $750 in both 2021 and 2022 (for departments and programs who receive additional department funding for conferences and books, this provision establishes a floor, and does not replace your department funding for these purposes)

·     Maintains current practice for holidays and holiday pay

·     Maintains current practice for sick leave, personal leave, and professional leaves of absence

The full proposal can be found here. Thanks everyone who signed a petition, attended a meeting, or observed negotiations in the last month for showing OHSU how much these provisions mean to you!

Also, you’re about to get your first (but not last!) salary increase of 2020:

The “status quo” salary increase approved by GMEC is a recommendation based on an aged (estimated) weighted average of west coast programs. Basically, because without a union, the employer can give what they want as long as its compliant with ACGME guidelines and/or the law, we don’t have much control over what amount they decide to give within these guidelines.

Here is what they’ll be awarding in the pay period that contains 7/1/2020 (the pay period starting 6/22):

$58,600 PGY1

$61,400 PGY2

$64,300 PGY3

$67,500 PGY4

$71,100 PGY5

$74,900 PGY6

$77,700 PGY5

$79,700 PGY6

They have also offered us further increases as follows, which we can control during contract negotiations by agreeing or not agreeing to it (or a larger or smaller amount):

Annual Salary Stipend

Represented Housestaff shall be entitled to at least the following salary stipend increases upon ratification or on July 1, 2020, whichever is later, then on July 1, 2021 and July 1, 2022. Salaries above this amount shall be determined by the Employer on a yearly basis using AAMC weighted West Coast mean data, adjusted for aging and budget.






1.5 %



So these further increases would be on top of the increased salary listed above for July 2020. This is being offered to you all at a time when non-union staff have received pay cuts and the other AFSCME unions have been asked to forego their contractual raises in 2020 (they have declined to do so), so you may celebrate this too, as an early union benefit!

Our next bargaining session is Thursday, July 2 from 5-8pm and we’ll be discussing our “end pay to play” package proposal (found here). Let us know if you’d like to observe or be a subject matter expert at our next session by emailing [email protected].

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