The Covington Report: HOU's Response and Upcoming Forums

The Covington Investigation has brought to light OHSU’s long-standing history of complacency and neglect in the presence of  mistreatment of women, minorities, and other marginalized groups. As the OHSU House Officer Union, we appreciate Covington’s work in generating  the report, and are especially grateful to  OHSU community members that brought forth their concerns and experiences of mistreatment. We, as the board of the OHSU HOU, agree with the findings in the report, as well as the recommendations that the investigators have laid forth for OHSU leadership to implement. At this time, our only recommendation and demand to OHSU is to not only address and implement change based on each of the report’s recommendations, but also to do so with the input of OHSU employees and the broader community. Furthermore, we demand that OHSU provide a timeline for implementation to be shared with residents and OHSU staff. Only with clear language, direct communication, and community input with focus on helping all of those who have been marginalized will we be able to fully heal and evolve. 

 HOU is co-sponsoring a series of forums, along with Graduate Researchers United, AFSCME Local 328, and ONA. These union locals who represent the workers, researchers, residents and nurses of OHSU and Hillsboro have joined together to provide a safe place for those who have been affected by any of the actions detailed in the Covington report or by the report itself to come together as one to talk about your experiences, brainstorm solutions and provide guidance to member leaders and paid union staff. 

We are sensitive to the fact that the content of this report and this forum has the potential to cause significant distress or even retraumatize those who have experienced discrimination, harassment or bullying regardless of where or when it occurred. This would be true in normal times but is even more so in the context of the last two years. In anticipation of this we are planning to have a trauma informed facilitator and councilors on hand during the events.  This is intended to be an opportunity for us to come together as a community of union siblings, co-workers and friends to care for each other in a time of vulnerability, pain and yes anger as a way to support each other, change a toxic culture and hold those who failed us accountable. You can register for these events at the links below.

February 9, 6:00-7:30 registration: 

February 10, 12:00-1:30 registration:

February 12, 3:00-4:30 registration:

These events are open to all union members at OHSU. We hope to see you there.