Bargaining Update 9/7

We’ve continued to make good progress in addressing our concerns in discussions with management. 

Highlights from this week’s meeting:

  • We reached agreement on expectations for transparency in precisely how much leave House Officers are able to take without impacting the length of training!

    • Moving forward, this information will be distributed at least annually, and House Officers will be updated with how much leave they have taken at the end of the year.

  • New House Officers will be guaranteed 2 coats 3 sets of personalized scrubs, with the ability to get 3 replacement sets per year. 

  • We made several new proposals that are still in discussion: 

    • Creating a centralized mobile app for OHSU that would make the things we need to do our jobs more accessible. This could include everything from reporting safety or equipment concerns, receiving security alerts, easily checking meal money balances, finding parking permits, and making it easier to schedule testing. 

    • Defining a standardized way that residents can bring up and resolve concerns about program interpretation of ACGME requirements. 

    • Making sure that residents have at least 8 weeks notice if their contract will not be renewed.. 

We want to make time to hear your perspectives on bargaining and answer your questions. 

  • September 19th, at 5pm in room 10C26 of the main hospital (the Diagnostic Radiology Classroom), we will be having a presentation and Q&A centered around bargaining (with pizza!). More information coming soon!

  • Our general HOU membership meeting will directly follow this at 6pm.


Plans for the next bargaining sessions (9/21 and 9/28): 

  • We will be moving forward with Interest-based bargaining (IBB)  for the next two sessions, which uses a third-party mediator to help reach agreement on predetermined topics. 

  • We will potentially discuss the following using IBB:

    • Timely distribution of work schedules

    • Helping make parking and transportation more accessible

    • Time off for holidays 

How else can you get involved?

  • Become an HOU member here. The larger our membership group the more power we have at the negotiating table. FAQs here, or contact us at [email protected] to ask questions or learn about volunteering. 

  • Be an observer at a bargaining meeting (with advance notice): email us for information.

  • Follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

In solidarity,

Your House Officers Union Bargaining Team

Keiko Cooley, Doug Preston, Alex Mechler-Hickson, Candice Kim, Jacqueline Parilla, Pranav Chandrashekar, and Teal Clocksin