Bargaining Update 8/31

We continue to have productive, collaborative bargaining sessions.  We are beginning to transition to our collective higher acuity concerns.  

Here are our most recent highlights: 

  • We are requesting improved communication about how leave can impact the duration of our training.  Ask: an annual beginning of year email to report how much leave a house officer is able to take without training extension in their program, and an annual end of year email reviewing how much leave was used in the academic year. 

  • Codified annual scrub replacement requests for all house officers!

  • Codified daily servicing of all GME call rooms and improved access to clean linens.

We are also proposing:

  • Improvements regarding moonlighting: 

    • Prompt payment for moonlighting, processed the same pay period in which it occurred.

    • More visible communication about moonlight opportunities.

  • An Increase in the number of professional leave days for conference attendance, fellowship and job interviewing. 

Lastly, we continue to have healthy discussions regarding the use of Kronos and timekeeping.  

For our next bargaining session tomorrow we will likely discuss the following: 

  • Badge replacements.

  • An app that permits ease of information access and reporting concerns.

  • OHSU’s compliance with GME policies. 

  • Notice requirements for contract terminations

Furthermore, regarding our next bargaining session, if you would like to attend, please reach out to Damon at [email protected].  Observers are expected to remain silent during sessions with management, but we encourage members to observe the bargaining process and our efforts toward improvement of the contract. All sessions are open to members, so long as notice is provided. Your presence can also help show management that the members are engaged with the process.

Finally, we are planning an event on September 19th to answer any questions you may have about bargaining or the union more generally.  Stay tuned for more details soon! 

In solidarity,

Your House Officers Union Bargaining Team

Keiko Cooley, Doug Preston, Alex Mechler-Hickson, Candice Kim, Jacqueline Parilla, Pranav Chandrashekar, and Teal Clocksin

P.S. Just a reminder–the best way you can contribute to the efforts of our bargaining team is today is to join our union!  You sign up for membership here.