Bargaining Update, 8/17

We had another productive bargaining session this Thursday evening. After each bargaining session we will be providing a brief update informing our members through the contract bargaining process. Following standard bargain practice, we are starting with simple less contentious issues and working our way up to salary.


  • Agreement on annual outline of the impact of time away from work on graduation, by programs
  • Working on semi-annual individual accounting alongside reviews
  • Agreement on all grievance steps being processed promptly
  • New union proposals – All call rooms to have sign indicating occupied/available, and clean/dirty status, with a working computer that connects to the EMR.
  • Paid time-off for fellowship interviews (and job interviews, for fellows)
Bonus Highlight: the bonus for house officers we negotiated last spring will be processed today and should be in your bank account in 1-3 days.

Topic for the next bargaining session:
As always, we want to hear from you, especially on topics that impact you during the upcoming contract negotiations. Next session we will likely be discussing:

  • Pager, phones, and replacements
  • Moonlighting rules
If you have not already, please fill out this brief survey to let us you’re your priorities:

Reach out to the HOU team directly at [email protected]
Please sign up for membership if you are not currently a member. More members are more negotiating power.
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