Bargaining Update, 8/10

We had a productive bargaining session this Thursday. After each bargaining session we will be providing a brief update summarizing the progress made to keep our members informed throughout the contract bargaining process.


We proposed increased transparency surrounding time away from work requirements for graduation.

  • In order to graduate and be board-eligible, there are requirements from ACGME and respective specialty boards regarding the number of required total working days.

  • Many house officers have had to extend training due to having excessive time away from work but there has been a lack of transparency regarding these requirements.

  • We are bargaining to ensure programs transparently delineate to their house officers this information so that they can more clearly understand the impact of time away from work.

We’ve reached tentative agreements regarding parts of articles 1 and 9 of the contract.

  • Article 9 establishes regular meetings of a labor management committee at least quarterly which allows for discussion between house officers and OHSU management regarding working conditions for issues that might arise outside of contract bargaining.

Topics for upcoming sessions:

  • Dedicated time off for fellowship interviews

  • HOU presence at GME orientation for new interns and fellows

  • Ensuring all call rooms for house officers in the hospital are regularly serviced

As always, we want to hear from you regarding topics that are important to you for the upcoming contract negotiations.

Please consider signing up for membership using this link. The larger our membership group the more power we have at the negotiating table. Please review this document for information regarding the cost of union dues. Not sure if you are a member or not? Feel free to drop us a line, we're happy to look it up.