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AFSCME Union Membership/Dues Authorization & Authorization of Representation Dual Card 


Q: What is an Authorization of Representation Card?

A:  Authorization of Representation cards are used to show the Employee Relations Board (ERB) we want to form a Union.  When a majority of our colleagues sign authorization cards, we will submit them to the ERB (OHSU does not see them) and the process to legally certify our Union begins.  

Q:  Is this different from a Union Membership Card/Dues Authorization Card

A:  Yes they are different.  The Authorization of Representation card is for The ERB.  Union Membership/Dues Authorization Cards are just that - it’s a commitment to joining and building our Union.

Q:  Will I have to pay dues after I sign the Union Membership/Dues Authorization Card?

A:  No. We don’t pay dues until we negotiate a contract and we, the members, vote to accept (ratify) that contract.

Q:  Why sign both cards now?  

A:  Signing both cards will now put us in a position to bargain for a strong contract and build our Union as soon as we are certified by the Employee Relations Board.  

Q:  Can I just sign the Authorization of Representation Card?

A:  Put simply, yes.  But we don’t just want to form a union. We want to build a strong organization, and to do that we all need to be dues-paying members after we win our first contract.  You do not pay dues until the contract is voted for, and a contract should do more than just offset dues. 

Dear Colleagues,

Your elected bargaining team has been in negotiations for 224 days in a time of unprecedented stress for physicians. Our proposals remain innovative and focused on diversity and equity to specifically address the concerns of women, parents, and underrepresented minorities in medicine.

Please sign our petition to Dr. Danny Jacobs, OHSU President!

In solidarity,

Doctors Anushka Shenoy, Breanna Jedrzejewski, Heather Buxton, Lana Weber, Mary Storm, Silas Cardwell, Simone Dekker, and Xiao-Yue Han


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